• Fun Safety Quiz

    Take a few minutes to take this fun little quiz. You will receive your answers and which ones you got right or wrong. They will not be recorded anywhere. You will even be able to print out a certificate after you have finished the test. Enjoy this fun little test.

  • Warm Weather Riding Tips

    We still have plenty of warm weather riding here in Kansas this summer. In this video, Gregg White and Chris Harrison of the AMA discuss different techniques and gear that can help you cope with the warmer temperatures of summer and make your riding more enjoyable.

  • Riding Academy at Twister City Harley-Davidson

    Riding Academy at Twister City Harley-Davidson Twister City Harley-Davidson offers a wide variety of rider training options for those who are learning to ride a motorcycle for the very first time as well as seasoned riders that want to improve their techniques to handle whatever they encounter along the road. And to sweeten the deal even more, If you are a national H.O.G. member, H.O.G. will send you a patch and pin as well as reimburse you up to $50 when you complete an accredited Rider Training Course, including rider training at H-D dealerships, in the U.S. To apply for your ...

  • Anti-Lock Brakes

    There are lots of considerations when it comes to motorcycle braking. First and foremost, no matter what type of brakes your bike is equipped with, you should always have the bike straight up instead of leaning before you apply the brakes.

  • Sand

    Dan Alefs says the warmer forecast means motorcyclists will be out - but the sand could be a challenge. “You’ve got to give yourself extra room,” Alefs said, “because that sand is like a little marble under you. You know those tires will just roll.”

  • Wind Chill

    Have you wondered when you ride why the temperature is cooler or hotter than ambient? It is called Wind Chill. According to Wikipedia wind chill is the perceived decrease of air temperature felt by the body on exposed skin due to the flow of cold air. Wind chill temperatures are lower than ambient air temperature.

  • Tire Pressure

    Tire pressure is easy to ignore. Lots of us are guilty of that. It gets checked occasionally by most riders and it normally stays about the same, right? In fact, tires lose air pressure constantly. On average, tires will lose about 1 psi per month.

  • Safety Presentation

    At the March chapter meeting, Safety Officer Duane Potter gave this Q&A. If you missed the meeting or just don't remember the answers, here they are.

  • 2019 chapter ride miles to date: