Member Profiles

Member Profiles

  • Don and Dee Lemen - 2009 Ultra Classic

    As you can see from these pictures Don and Dee Lemen have taken many long road rips on their beautiful 2009 red hot sunglow and smokey gold Ultra Classic (FLHTCU) visiting such places as New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, South Dakota, and Wyoming amongst others. According to Dee, "You really can't beat Colorado." One of their favorite places to visit in Colorado was the million dollar highway near Durango. They have been chapter members since 2007.

  • Doug Schoemaker 2007 Ultra Classic

    Doug has been a member of Prairiethunder since 2008. His bike is a 2007 Ultra Classic, when he bought it in March of 2010 it had 6,800 miles on it. It now has 50,000. He retired at the end of February 2014 and in the next 4 months has ridden 7,000 miles. His longest trip was to Corpus Christie which was 2080 miles round trip. In 2009 he rode to and around Sturgis for 9 days.

  • Jack Fries - CVO Streetglide

    Jack's 2011 CVO Streetglide is pretty much stock with a few exceptions. Although Jack still prefers the ride of his dyna, this Streetglide sure does make it easier to pack for those long road trips and with 8 speakers you don't have to struggle to hear the stereo!

  • Jack Fries - SuperLowWideglideDeluxe

    This is where all Jack's extra time and money have gone for the last few years. It is Jack's first bike and it's come a long way since it rolled out of Alefs as a basically stock black superglide back in 2008. It had 9500 miles on it when Jack got it and it now has over 95,000 miles on it! The only thing this bike still needs is that H.O.G. 100,000 mile medallion!

  • Lauren Crabtree - Sportster Forty Eight

    Lauren has grown up on two (or sometimes 3) wheels including riding in the sidecar of her dad's BMW, tearing up the track on various dirt bikes, shredding corners on a Ducati, and now cruising in style on her newest bike, a very cool sportster forty-eight.

  • Leo & Connie Delperdang - 2014 Street Glide

    Leo & Connie have enjoyed 2 & 3 wheel motorcycles for over 20 years. They became members of Prairiethunder in 2014 when they purchased their first Harley Davidson. Since joining, they have become regular attendees of the Friday Evening Dinner Runs, along with many other club activities.

  • Nichole Everhart

    Every now and then you come across an extra special person in your travels and for many of us that are members of Prairiethunder, that person was Nichole Everhart. Nichole was a road captain, an activities officer and a ladies of harley officer in the Prairiethunder H.O.G. chapter and was very active in raising funds for MDA through their "Ride for Life" program but most of all she was a wonderful friend to everyone she ever met. Nichole ...

  • Olivia Winter - Sportster 883 Iron Frankenstein Trike

    Olivia Winter has been in the chapter since 2011 riding with Steve but it wasn't until the summer of 2013 that she got her own bike.  She and Steve bought this bike from chapter members Alan and Sherry Highland after they won it at the 2013 Kansas State H.O.G. Rally.  When she got the bike it was on 2 wheels but she promptly got Steve to convert it to a trike with the Frankenstein kit and she's now gone even further with the ...

  • Robert and Patricia Burdette

    Rob and Patty Burdette live in Newton, Kansas, where Rob serves as a transitional pastor at Shalom Mennonite Church. Patty is a retired professor from the Ohio State University. They have been married for 35 years and have five married children and 10 grandchildren.

  • Robert Bachman - 2013 Streetglide

    Robert Bachman rides this 2013 Chrome Yellow Pearl Streetglide (FLHX). As you might have guessed by the color of the bike, Robert is a big fan of the Shockers. He has been a member of the Prairiethunder H.O.G. chapter since 2011 and considers the flint hills on a Sunday morning to be one of his favorite places to ride.

  • Shelly Rader - 883 Low

    Shelly Rader has owned many harleys over the years including an 883 sportster, softail night train, and now this 883 low. You'll usually see her riding with Theo on their black ultra classic but sometimes a girl just needs to ride her own!

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